Model with Justine Skye makeup

Justine Skye always looks flawless. One look at her Insta and you’ll have serious makeup envy. She somehow manages to look fierce and effortless at the same time – who knew that was possible?! Luckily, for you, we’ve figured out how to get her trademark look.

What you’ll need:

Brow pomade/pencil
Eyeshadow palette
False lashes
Liquid eyeliner
Kohl eyeliner
Brown lip gloss

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Step 1: Create a flawless base

Miss Skye always has glowing skin. Get on her level by airbrushing your foundation using a blending sponge. Simply dab on your foundation using the sponge and twist slightly to blend. Once done, add an illuminating concealer to hide imperfection whilst giving you an effortless glow.

Justine Skye makeup step 1

Step 2: Contour like a pro

To channel Justine’s fierceness, you’re gonna need fierce cheekbones. Using an angled contour brush, start by contouring from in line with your ears down to the middle of your cheeks (in line with your pupils). Blend it well. Next, switch to a powder brush so you can lightly define the rest of your features. Start by sweeping contour gently over your jawline, before dusting over your forehead. If you want a lighter look, swap out contour for a sweep of bronzer.

Justine Skye makeup step 2

Step 3: Define your brows

Brush your brows, giving them shape. Then fill in using light strokes and build up strong brows. Define by blending an illuminating concealer under your brows. This will give your brows an extra edge.

Justine skye makeup 3

Step 4: Apply pink eyeshadow

Start by dusting a nude shadow all over your eyelids before adding a slight shimmer (we prefer silver). Next up, it’s time to get bold with a pink eyeshadow – dust all over your lids. Oh, and we’re still not done! Take it to the next level with a pop of iridescent shadow.

Justine skye makeup 4

Step 5: Lengthen the lashes

Thought we were done with eye makeup? Tut tut. We’re just getting started. This look is all about definition, so obvs you need to define your eyes! Start by lining your lashes with a liquid liner before coating your lashes in mascara. Then, line your waterlines using a kohl liner, smudging lightly (and we mean lightly – we want effortless cool, not crying panda). Blend a blue eyeshadow underneath. Finish your lashes with a set of falsies and another coat of mascara.

Justine skye makeup 5

Step 6: Finishing touches

Once your eyes are done, it’s time to make sure you’re glowing efficiently. Dust highlight over your cheekbones before moving to the bridge of your nose and centre of your forehead. Blend it well – we’re going for a natural looking glow.

To finish this flawless look, apply a coat of brown lip gloss to your lips. Simple.

Justine skye makeup 6