Here at DARE, we see a lot of different products come and go on the beauty conveyer belt. And something guaranteed to get us all talking is the arrival of a new fragrance.

When it comes to choosing a perfume, one person’s scent from heaven can be another’s idea of hell. So when Stash Unspoken, Sarah Jessica Parker’s newest fragrance edition, landed on our desk, we were banking on both hits and misses.


All six of us took a turn in giving the fragrance a good old spritz and… drum roll… all six of us were completely sold. So much so, a wall of Stash Unspoken surrounded our bank of desks, and we had people from other departments begging us for a go. (BACK OF THE LINE, KEVIN FROM ACCOUNTS.)

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The scent is elegant and captivating, with notes of honeysuckle, wisteria and sandalwood. It has the same sensuous base notes as the original Stash but is softer and more floral. We honestly haven’t stopped spritzing it, and we’re already in a battle over who’ll be taking it home.

Talking about her new fragrance, SJP said, ‘I think the deepest things are often unspoken. This fragrance explores this idea and is truly alive with boundless possibilities. Stash Unspoken is about effortless beauty and sophistication, so words aren’t needed.’

Sarah Jessica Parker Sarah Jessica Parker Stash Unspoken Eau de Parfum 100ml £15.00 Buy Now

Sarah Jessica Parker Stash Unspoken is available exclusively at Superdrug. Pick it up in store or online now.