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How to Use Heated Rollers – Superdrug
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How to Use Heated Rollers

How to Use Heated Rollers: Step by Step

Heated Rollers 1
Heated Rollers 2

Step One

Plug in the rollers to heat them up. Spritz
heat-protection spray onto dry, clean hair that
has been combed through, and divide into
three sections using the clips provided.

Step Two

Section your hair from the ears and clip
most of the hair up, leaving only
a small section down.

Heated Rollers 3
Heated Rollers 4

Step Three

Divide the remaining hair in half and
clip one side out of the way.

Step Four

Place a heated roller under the hair about
halfway down the length. Wrap the bottom
half of the hair around the roller.

Heated Rollers 5
Heated Rollers 6

Step Five

Use a roller pin to secure in place.

Step Six

Repeat on the other side – this time
placing the roller on top of the hair so that
all hair curls in the same direction.

Heated Rollers 7
Heated Rollers 8

Step Seven

Continue section by section, doing both
sides of the hair and then the top.

Step Eight

Apply hairspray.

Heated Rollers 10
Heated Rollers 9

Step Nine

Leave the rollers in for 30-45 minutes.

Step Ten

One by one, unpin the roller and gently
unravel from your hair.

Heated Rollers 11
Heated Rollers 12

Step Eleven

Gently brush through curls.

Step Twelve

Fix with hairspray.

Are Heated Rollers For Me?

Want big, bouncy curls fast? Give heated rollers a try. Heated rollers come in sets in a box that you plug into an electric socket and leave for about 10 minutes to warm up. The rollers are usually ceramic and in three sizes – small, medium and large – to create different types of curls, from tight ringlets to bouncy waves.

Some sets have a light that indicates when they’re heated and ready for use, while others have a dot on the roller that turns a different colour. Once warmed up, they retain the heat for about 15 minutes, cooling down slowly for long-lasting results. The set you choose may come with a temperature control, making them suitable for different hair types. Most sets come with clips and pins to keep the rollers in place in your hair.

What do Heated Rollers do?

Like traditional rollers, they create big bouncy waves or small tighter curls, depending on their size – but in a fraction of the time. They also give hair volume and lift.

The type of curl they create depends on your hair length, the heat of the rollers and the length of time you leave them in. The size of the sections of hair you use will also affect the type of curl you create.

To achieve soft, wavy curls, use large rollers on a low temperature and leave them in your hair for about 10 minutes. For tighter curls, use smaller rollers on a higher temperature and leave for 15-20 minutes.

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