hair clippers

For a lot of men, a well-kept haircut is key to looking smart. This usually requires many trips to the barbers which can not only be costly, but also a hassle. Learning the art of using hair clippers will help to stay fresh for those in-between days, and prevent any unsatisfied trips to the barbers.  

hair clippers

What Will I Need to Use Hair Clippers?

  • Men’s hair clippers
  • A comb
  • Thinning scissors (optional)
  • Hair Wax / Hair Gel
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hair clippers

1. Hair Prep

Step 1: First you need to decide the look you want to achieve and pick the blades that will best achieve this. The lower the blade number, the shorter the hair length will be. If it is your first time then start with the gentler blades, then gradually go for the shorter blades as you gain confidence with your clippers.

Step 2: Wash and dry your hair as you usually would. It is best to use clippers on dry, product-free hair, not only to avoid the blades from rusting but also for a more accurate reflection of how the end result will fall into place.

If you don't feel completely comfortable then you can have a few trial runs with the clippers, practicing with them turned off until you perfect the technique and amount of pressure to apply.

2. Hair Cut

Although you should have decided on the look you want to achieve, the most popular is a fade haircut: short back and sides with more length to style on top.

TIP: If you are cutting your own hair then place a mirror in front and behind you.

Step 1: Divide your hair into sections and work on each part one at a time- you can use hair clips to keep the hair out of the way. Brush the sections into the direction of natural hair growth. This will keep all hair in that section the same length, with no random spikes in the cut.

Step 2: Starting from the bottom, take your comb and brush upwards in the direction of your hair growth. Your hair should be seeping through the comb teeth. Move your clippers along the hair, trimming it down. You can apply more pressure to the clippers if you would like to cut more hair off.

Step 3: In the same direction, move along to the next section of hair. It is advised to leave a little of the previous section in the comb so you can see how much you have cut off, and be confident in cutting the same amount throughout.

This comb-to-clipper method will ensure consistency on the amount of hair you cut off- avoiding any nasty surprises!

Step 4: As you move further up your head you can change the blade so less hair is trimmed off. Be sure to clean hair off the clippers as you work your way around the hair to prevent them jamming.

3. Neaten up

Step 1: Brush each section of hair in the opposite direction of hair growth to reveal any odd-hairs. You can use hairdressing scissors to cut these down.

Step 2: Finally, if you’re happy with the length of each section of hair then use an electric razor to neaten up the edges. Bluntly shave off the end of the sideburns and around the neck hairline to round off the haircut.

Step 3: Finally, add hair product and style in your preferred way.