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How to Use an Eyelash Curler – Superdrug
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How to Use an Eyelash Curler


Many girls are afraid to curl their eyelashes over the fear they will fall out – myth. It may seem like a strange sensation but this technique is pain free and quick. You’ll be left with beautifully curled lashes that accentuate your eyes.

Whether it’s your first time or you’re a curling pro, follow our simple step by step guide on how to use an eyelash curler to get luscious lashes in a matter of minutes.

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 Step 1: Tilt Your Head Back

Tilt your head back and rest your eyelashes between the cushioned eyelash curler clamp. Tilting your head will prevent you clamping down onto your eyelid skin which can be painful! Once you are happy that all your eyelashes are in the curler, squeeze shut and pump a few times. This will form the natural curl.

Ensure that the pressure you apply when pumping the curlers is gentle. Pressing too hard can give your eyelashes a strange 90-degree angle bend and can also cause your lashes to break off.

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Step 2: Curl the Eyelash Tips

Next, repeat step 1 on just the tip of your lashes. This will lift the tips up and really enhance the curl, holding it in place.

Heating the pads of your eyelash curler before can further hold your curls in place. Heat the pads with a hairdryer and test the heat on the back of your hand. Once warm, follow the above step. Just like a heated curling tong, this will keep the eyelash curl in place.

Its recommended you replace the pad of your eyelash curler every few months, just as you would a mascara wand.

Step 3: Apply the Mascara

Lastly, apply your mascara as normal, placing emphasis around the curl. It’s important that this is applied on the final step. Doing this prior to curling your lashes can pull them out due to the sticky texture of the mascara.

To add the final oomph to your curl, place two of your fingers underneath your lashes. With them, drag and follow the curl of your lashes round, to really secure the curl into place.


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