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How to use a sheet mask for men – Superdrug
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How to use a sheet mask for men

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Becoming more skin savvy can seem like a right chore, especially when there are about 20 different kinds of lotions and potions involved, including the dreaded face mask. You’ve been told a million times that face masks work wonders for tired, dull-looking skin, but when you reach for the mask your mum got you for Christmas, you think of the mess and the faff and put it straight back in the cupboard again – creamy, clay-textured gunk getting into your goatee just isn’t appealing. Well, believe it or not, there’s an easy off ’n’ on alternative…

Fresh face

To max out on the mask’s benefits, you want to open up your pores, and the quickest way to do this is to splash your face with warm water.

Apply the mask

Yes, the mask is gonna make you look like Hannibal Lecter, but just get it on your grill and feel the benefits. We’ve chosen the Simple Water Boost Sheet Mask, which is great for dry skin. Take the mask out of the packet and unfold it. There are holes for your eyes and mouth, so you can see how it’s meant to fit on your face. Press the mask onto your face, to work out the mask’s creases and make sure it’s in contact with your skin.

TOP TIP: Sheet masks are double-sided, so you can flip it over halfway through, to feel the cooling effects all over again.

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Handle the leftovers

Remove the mask after 15 minutes –just peel it off – and use your hands to work in the leftover juice. It’s all good stuff, so don’t waste it. 


Finish the process by moisturising your skin for that extra boost of hydration. We recommend Superdrug Men’s Grooming Hydrating Moisturiser. Simply massage onto your face and down your neck.

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