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How to use a beauty blending sponge – Superdrug
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How to use a beauty blending sponge

Makeup blogger using a beauty blending sponge

Makeup trends and tools may come and go (clear mascara, anyone?) but sometimes a new invention crops up that revolutionises the game. Cue the beauty blending sponge. It might look like a humble piece of kit, similar to what you may have found in your old face painting set as a kid, but it’s actually perfect for priming, blending, contouring, baking, highlighting and concealing.

Gimme, gimme, gimme, we hear you shout. But, before you start using it like any other compact sponge, here’s a few do’s and don’ts.

Step-by-step guide to using a beauty blending sponge

Beauty blogger Anoushka talks us through everything you need to know about this wonder product.

Beauty blending sponge do's & don'ts 

Do wet the sponge before using

Never use the sponge dry – unless of course you want all of your lovely foundation disappearing into the sponge as opposed to your face. Instead, completely saturate the sponge in water (you can run under a tap or leave to soak in a glass of clean water), then squeeze out any excess water.

Don’t drag the sponge across your face

If you’re too heavy-handed with the sponge all you’ll end up doing is smearing product and creating noticeable lines. The aim is to blend, for always use a dab and twisting motion (stippling) to apply makeup evenly across the skin.

Do use different parts of the sponge for different things

Don’t just stick to blending with one side of the sponge, it’s shaped like that for a reason! Use the pointier edge for smaller areas that need precision (eg. sides of the nose) and the rounder edges for larger surface areas.

Don’t leave it to fester

After each use, clean your sponge using a pea-sized amount of baby shampoo and water. Rinse the sponge taking extra care as if you squeeze too hard it could cause the sponge to tear. And replace it every three months to stop any build-up of bacteria.  

Flat lay of beauty blending sponges

Different types of beauty blending sponges  

They come in all shapes and sizes, so make sure you’re using the right sponge for the job.

The OG – aka the Original

Defined by its tear-drop shape, this beauty blending sponge can be used with any product from primers to powders. The base is great for larger areas, while the tip is better for harder to reach areas like under the eyes.

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The Hourglass

This works in exactly the same way as the OG by the curvaceous shape makes it easier to hold – perfect for blending beginners and precision pros alike.

The Sculptor

This typically has at least one flat edge, which makes it perfect for blending out a killer contour or glistening highlight, while the big base is great for the usual suspects (foundation, primer, etc).

The Mini

Think of this one as more of a targeted treatment, like blending out under-eye concealer or a harsh line. It can also be used dry to pick up any mascara or eyeshadow fallout.

The Silicone

The newest addition to the blending game, this sponge is made out of silicone and has been designed to help you blend ‘til your hearts content without losing any product in the process.

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