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How to trim your stubble – Superdrug
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How to trim your stubble

Those bristles looking a bit more Hagrid than Tom Hardy? Whether you’re meeting your partner’s parents, interviewing for a job or just heading out on a Friday night, your stubble better be in decent nick. Here’s what you do…

Step one

Get a good razor. Gillette Fusion ProGlide Styler 3-in-1 gives you an electric trimmer and manual razor combined, so there’s less faff. Using the trimmer head, attach one of the longer-length combs (depending on how much stubble you want to leave) and trim away – not too short, unless you want your other half to feel as if they’re having sandpaper rubbed against their skin… ouch.

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Step two

Using the shortest-length comb, it’s time to fade the neck (too much hair there and you’ll start to resemble Chewbacca, trust us). Focus on the spot just above your Adam’s apple and go up diagonally towards each ear lobe – this is the area you want to focus on (you’ll tidy up the rest in a minute). Rinse your face to get rid of any random bits of hair.

Step three

Apply shaving foam and, using the razor – swap the trimmer head for the razor one – neaten the edges and shave off any stray bits of stubble. And don’t forget to tidy around the neck. Rinse and dry.

Step four

Shaving can dehydrate your skin, so make sure you moisturise afterwards. L'Oreal Men Expert Pure Power Anti-Spot Moisturiser contains salicylic acid to prevent pesky in-grown hairs. Here’s looking at you, handsome…

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