Movember may come and go, but beards are sticking around all through the year, and it’s easy to see why. With celebs from Leto to Leo rocking the shaggy-stud look, there are hordes of beard role models to choose from. But keeping tabs on your facial hair is key. If you love that grown-out mountain-dweller look, here are a few ways to keep that beard under control – think well-groomed Gandalf…

Step 1: Wash 'n' dry

Some of you will have more hair on your chin than on your head, so it makes sense to wash it, right? Use Bulldog Original 2in1 Beard Shampoo & Conditioner, a one-step wonder to making this process quick and easy.

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Step 2: Straighten up

When your beard is completely dry, use a fine-toothed comb to get rid of tangles, working downwards to keep the hairs going in one direction. Comb thoroughly and take time over it, as this will help give the even trim you’re after.

Step 3: Trim time

Use clippers for this. The guard you use will depend on how long you want to keep your beard, so choose one that works for you. The Braun Styling Multi-Grooming Kit comes with four combs, which cover 13 length settings – score. Adjust the settings to the desired length and go over your whole beard gently, keeping the clippers straight.

Step 4: Faultless fade

A longer beard generally looks better with a faded cheek line, rather than a blocky finish. Using a lower grade on your clippers, run them over the area where your skin stops and the hair starts, in a downward motion. Do the same for your neckline, but this time in an upward direction.

Step 5: Sort the strays

Clear up any strays with Superdrug Hairdresser’s Scissors. You can also use them to define the shape of your beard a bit more if you want to.

Step 6: Oil up

To keep your facial hair in top condition, it’s important to use a beard oil. B. Men Beard Conditioning Oil helps soften and tame your beard, as well as moisturising the skin underneath it (no one wants flaky facial hair). So for that stroke-able finish, run the product through the hair using a finger-combing technique and making sure you get every strand.