Hot Straightening Brush

Keen to achieve straight hair in minutes? Give a hot straightening brush a go! Read on to find out why this may be your new favourite electrical beauty tool.

Steps to Style Hair Using a Hot Straightening Brush

Hot straightening brush

Step 1: Brush through your hair

After you’ve applied heat protection on damp hair and dried it, brush your hair making sure it’s tangle and knot-free.

Hot straightening brush

Step 2: Work in sections

Section off the top of your hair and pin away. We will start working through the bottom layer.

Hot straightening brush

Step 3: Brush slowly from root to tip

Once the hot brush has heated up, start brushing slowly from root to tip until your hair is as straight as you would like it to be.

Hot straightening brush

Step 4: Next please!

Make your way to the next section and brush – root to tip.

Hot straightening brush

Step 5: Finish with the top section

Repeat the steps on the last section. To make the look last longer, you can add a gloss spritz and fix with hair spray.

Hot straightening brush

Step 6 – Optional: Brush under to add shape

Shape and define by brushing your hair under. This little styling trick will add a lovely frame to your face and give you that salon finish look.

Hot straightening brush

Hey good-looking!

Enjoy rocking your smooth and straight hair!

Which One Should I Go For: Straighteners or a Hot Straightening Brush?

With so many hair tools out there, it can get confusing to pick which one suits your tresses best. Not to worry, we’re here to guide you.

Go For a Straightener If:

  • You don’t intend to use heat styling daily
  • You are on a tighter budget
  • You are not looking for volume, just really straight and sleek hair

Go for a Hot Straightening Brush If:

  • You intend to straighten your hair frequently
  • You’d like to minimise the damage
  • You don’t mind the slightly bigger price tag

How to Prep Hair Before Using a Hot Straightening Brush?

Just like with any heat hair styling, always make sure you spritz your locks with a heat protector to prevent damage. These sprays were specially developed to help to lock in the moisture, preventing your hair from frizzing up and drying out. Remember, always use heat protection on damp hair.

If you prefer to use nature’s own heat protection, go for oils such as avocado oil, coconut oil or grape seed oil – all of which will help to keep your locks in tip top shape!