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How to: Rose Gold Hair at Home – Superdrug
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How to: Rose Gold Hair at Home


Keen on a subtle and glamorous change to your blonde locks? Why not try going for rose gold hair! Achieving this precious metal shade with Pick and Mix has never been easier. Simply follow these quick steps and rock the look in no time!

How to: Perfect Rose Gold Hair Shade Using Pick & Mix

Using the Pick & Mix range is not only easy, but it’s also loads of fun. Bring your own colour to life by mixing different hues from the range with each other or with the Chalk Finish.

To get the perfect rose gold shade, simply mix half of the bottle of rose Pick & Mix colourant, 3 blobs of coral and 2 blobs of yellow.


Quick note: You will get the closest colour match result if your hair is naturally light blonde or you have bleached it. If you use semi-permanent dye on darker hair, it may result in a less intense colour or simply a subtle tint, which can also look fantastic if this is the look you are keen on. To make sure you are happy with how the colour looks on your hair, it’s best to perform a strand test.

You should always do a patch test to check if you are allergic to any of the ingredients within the dye.

It’s time to get that beautiful rose gold hair!


Step 1: Prep Your Hair and Section

To make sure you cover your hair evenly with the colourant mix, brush through your hair ensuring it is completely knot and tangle-free. Drape a towel across your shoulders to protect your T-shirt or top from any pesky drips. Top tip – it’s always easier if you work in sections, so part your hair into four and pin away.


Step 2: Let the Colouring Fun Begin

Protect your hands by wearing gloves – rubber, vinyl or latex ones will all work perfectly. Starting with the back section of your hair, begin to cover the strands with your coloured mixture. To achieve the best results, use a hair dye brush and always pay extra attention to your roots. Continue to colour until you’ve gone through each and every strand.


Step 3: Massage the Product In

Once you’ve covered all of your hair in the rose gold colourant, massage the mixture into the hair. This will help to achieve even coverage.


Step 4: Leave to Develop

Wait for 30 minutes for the colour to develop, follow with shampoo and conditioner. To lock in the colour, finish with a cold rinse. Once you’ve washed your hair, blow dry and style.


Hey There Stunner!

Enjoy your gorgeous rose gold locks!

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