Nailed our Pirate Halloween makeup? Get your hair looking the part with a little help from celebrity hairstylist Dan Lynes. Ahoy!

  1. Prep the hair with sea salt texture spray to create a matte, beachy effect, then blow-dry using your fingers to scrunch and lift hair as you go, to add texture. Next, take a backcomb brush and gently backcomb roots in small sections, then smooth the hair over.
  1. Create a classic three-strand braid and very lightly backcomb the end to hold the braid in place.
  1. Take another section and make a fishtail braid by splitting the section into two and feeding small strands of hair from the outside of each section into the middle. Backcomb the end, to hold the braid in place.
  1. Make a rope braid by taking a section of hair and splitting it in two. Twist each section individually before twisting them around each other, then backcomb the end to hold it in place.
  1. Create a final classic three-strand braid, this time stopping halfway down the length and tying it into a loose knot.
  1. Mist the braids with hairspray, then brush over the surface of the braids with a backcomb brush before loosening them up with your fingers for a messy, lived-in look. Bring the rest of the hair back in and spritz on a final mist of hairspray, lifting the roots as you go, to add volume.
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