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How to Perfect Wavy Hair – Superdrug
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How to Perfect Wavy Hair

Brunette female with soft, wavy curls

Wavy hair is the perfect go-to hairstyle if you want to create a look that is feminine and flirty! Despite its carefree appearance, perfect wavy hair does take a little bit of practice, especially with a hair straightener! But don’t worry, with our simple step-by-step guide and handy video tutorial, you’ll be creating perfect wavy hair in no time!

Wavy Hair Step-by-Step

Step 1: Separate your hair

To create your waves, you will need to work in sections, so starting from the front, tie up part of your hair.

Step 2: Protect your hair

Spray a heat protection spray through the lengths of your locks to protect it against damage which can be caused by using a heated tool.

Step 3:  Create your waves

Working in sections, clamp the hair straightener close to the top of the strands and crimp your hair using a bending forward and backwards motion. Keep moving the hair straightener down the length of your hair to create a wavy texture.

 Step 4: Curl and repeat

Keep moving from section to section around your head using the same backward and forward crimping motion until you have styled all your hair.

Once your perfect waves are in place, lightly spray with hairspray to keep your wondrous waves in place or use a sea salt spray to add to the texture of the finished  'just back from the beach' look.


You are finished! Easy, elegant wavy hair in just four simple steps! Gorgeous!

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