Nude lipstick is that secret weapon for when you want to rock the natural look or are keen on drawing all of the attention to your eyes. Follow or step by step guide on how to get the look and find out what nude shade works best with your skin tone.

What Nude Lipstick Shade Is Right For Me?

Just like with concealers and foundation, finding that perfect nude lipstick shade depends on your skin tone and whether you have a warm, cold or neutral undertone. If you are not sure what your undertone is, find out more in the ultimate guide to foundation.  If you are:


If your skin is very light and you are naturally prone to redness, go for a nude that is more pink than beige. A darker nude shade will add definition to your look.


If you have fair to medium skin, glossy nudes with a pink undertone will make your complexion look energized and vibrant.


Go for darker beiges if your undertone is warm. If your undertone is cold, pinkish nudes will do wonders for your complexion.


If you are keen on a statement nude lip, go for a shade darker than your natural skin tone. For a day look, opt for a lighter shade with hints of pink.


Go for a lighter hue if you have a warm undertone. If your undertone is cold – rosy nudes will look fantastic on you.

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How to Apply Nude Lipstick?

Step 1 – Exfoliate and Moisturise

Exfoliate and moisturise your lips. You can either use a soft toothbrush or a cotton bud to take the flaky skin off. After exfoliating, apply lip balm or moisturiser to hydrate the lips.

Nude lipstick

Step 2 – Concealer or Foundation

Apply concealer or foundation to your lips. This is to prepare your lips for that perfect nude shade.

Nude lipstick

 Step 3 – Line Your Lips

Line your lips using either a nude or transparent lip pencil. Next, fill your lips in with the lip liner. Find out how to line your lips with our easy step-by-step guide.

Nude lipstick

Step 4 – Apply Lipstick or Gloss

Apply nude lipstick or lip gloss. To make your lips look truly volumised, go for a matte liquid lipstick.

Nude lipstick