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How to Mix Lipstick Colours? – Superdrug
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How to Mix Lipstick Colours?

Mix Lipsticks

Picked up an unusual lipstick shade recently and are not sure whether to use it on its own? Not to worry! Here are some ideas on how to mix lipstick colours and rock looks that pack a punch!

Lipstick Shades To Inspire You

It’s Time to Mix Lipsticks: Coral and Yellow Ombre

Mix Lipsticks

Step 1: Exfoliate your lips

Using a cotton bud and lip balm, exfoliate your lips to ensure even coverage.

Mix Lipsticks

Step 2: Line your lips

Go for a lip pencil and draw around your lips. Begin by drawing an X shape on your cupid’s bow – this always helps to enhance the shape of your lips. Top Tip: Smile to stretch your lips out!

Mix Lipsticks

Step 3: Fill in your lips gently

While with darker shades you may want to fill in your lips with the lip liner completely, this time just fill in around the contour of your lips. This is because we want the yellow to pop in the middle!

Mix Lipsticks

Step 4: Apply coral lipstick

Apply coral lipstick around the edges, intensifying the hue.

Mix Lipsticks

Step 5: Grab a brush and go for yellow

To achieve a stronger tone of yellow, dab the product on to the centre of your lips using a brush. If you want a colour that’s more intense, add a few extra layers of yellow. That’s right, it’s time to dab, dab, dab!

Mix Lipsticks

Step 6: Dust translucent powder over your lips (Optional)

If you want a matte lipstick effect, apply translucent powder on top your lips. This also will help the shade to last longer.

Loved mixing lipstick shades? Here are a few more ideas:

Mix Lipsticks

Berry and punchy pink

Rose pink and purple

Mix Lipsticks
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Brown and nude

Mix Lipsticks
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