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How to: mermaid makeup for Halloween – Superdrug
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How to: mermaid makeup for Halloween

Mermaid halloween makeup with liquid lips and glitter gems

Just because Halloween is the scariest time of year, it doesn’t mean your get-up has to be horrifyingly terrible. Forget the tricks and treat yourself this fight night with our Insta-worthy mermaid makeup look of dreams. It’s bold, it’s blue, it’s BEAUT!

Face time

Begin by mixing together the B. Flawless Matte Foundation and NIP+FAB Lightening Drops. Apply it all over your face and then slowly blend it down your neck. Next, grab a B. Flawless Concealer Duo, mix in some more lightener and dab it under your eyes to brighten them up. Set everything in place with the Maybelline Matte Maker Mattifying Powder to create the perfect base.

Contour o’clock

Start contouring with the I Heart Makeup Mermaid’s Heart Palette. Using the blue shade, dab a line down your cheek as though you were contouring and take the colour around your temple and up onto your forehead. Apply it to your jawline as well for a super-defined look. Then repeat on the other side of your face. Afterwards, grab an angled brush and blend out the blue by using the green shade from the same palette. Finally, go back to your blue shade in the I Heart Makeup Mermaid’s Heart Palette and apply it to the inner corner of your eyes and follow along underneath your brow.

Highlighter heaven

Using the I Heart Revolution Eyeball Highlighter, pick up a tonne of product on a fan brush and hit your cheekbones, above your brow and on the tip of your nose to get that mystical mermaid glow.

Baby blues

Now time for the eyes. Use the metallic blue shade from the Maybelline Graffiti Nudes Palette and deepen the inner corner of the eyes. Then use the darker blue shade to fill in the outer corner and under the lower lash line. Next, mix together the darker blue, brown and purple to create a deep pigment and pop that in your crease. Finally, add volume to your lashes with Maybelline Total Temptation Waterproof Mascara Black and pop on the Black and Purple Lashes by Superdrug, which are perfect for Halloween.

Finishing touches

Finish off by applying Rimmel Stay Matte Blue Liquid Lipstick all over your lips and dab on Barry M Glitter Rush Body Glitter under your eyes and lips. Finally, no mermaid makeup look is complete without face gems, so add The Gyspy Shrine Mix’N’Match Face Jewels all over and you’re good to go.

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