Side Ponytail

Are you looking for a fun twist on an everyday hairstyle? The knotted ponytail can be just the thing – it’s quick, easy and oh-so gorgeous. Follow our steps to achieve this look in no time.

What Will I Need To Achieve This Look?

Now that you have prepped your hair, it’s time to start the tutorial. To achieve this look, you will need:

  • Hair brush
  • Hair bands
  • Hair spray
  • A spare five minutes
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Steps to Getting a Knotted Ponytail

SidePony 1

Step 1: Gather all of your hair to one side

Brush through and gather all of you hair to one side and secure with a hair band.

SidePony 2

Step 2: Conceal the hair band with your hair

We don’t want anyone to see the hair band, so wrap a small strand of hair around the ponytail to conceal it. Once wrapped, secure the hair with a pin.

SidePony 3

Step 3: Time for your first knot

Take two strands from the back of your ponytail, bring them to the front and pull them into a knot. Make sure you keep your knot tight!

SidePony 4

Step 4: Keep knotting

Wrap the same hair strands around, add hair from the back to each strand and pull it into another knot. Keep repeating this technique, adding more knots into your side ponytail, and getting a beautiful hair chain or rope finish. The number of knots you should add will depend on the length of your hair.

SidePony 5

Step 5: Secure with a band

After you have completed your last knot, secure the hair style with a band.

SidePony 6

Step 6: Fix with hair spray

To tame any flyaways, finish the look with hair spray.

SidePony 7

Looking Good!

Enjoy your new knotted side ponytail!