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How to get holographic hair for festival season – Superdrug
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How to get holographic hair for festival season

Girl showing off front and back of hair which has been died to a holographic style

Can’t decide which colour to dye your hair for festival season? Why not try ’em all? Rainbow – or holographic hair, as we like to call it – is all over Instagram, and we can’t get enough of it. You might think that a hair look involving so many colours is too hard to achieve in your bathroom with only a mirror for company, but you couldn’t be more wrong. We’re here to show you just how easy it is to get holo hair at home. Get your dye brushes at the ready, people – it’s about to get colourful…

Prep the hair

Dampen your hair slightly and brush through any knots and tangles. Then divide your hair into three sections, which will make it super-simple to handle. Take one section from your ear to your crown and hold it in place with a hairband or sectioning clip. Do the same on the other side and leave the back as its own section.

Pink all over

For this look, you’ll need a base colour to use on the roots – we chose Colour Freedom Pink Pizazz. Working on one section at a time, use a dye brush to paint the colour all over your roots, taking it about five inches down the hair. As you’re working on each section, lift the hair in layers to make sure you saturate the roots with colour.

TOP TIP: If you’ve got thick hair, lift smaller sections of the hair, to make sure you aren’t left with any patches.

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Tone it down

Although this is a holographic hair look, we want to avoid the My Little Pony vibe and hit the right notes. That’s why we added Colour Freedom Pasteliser to our chosen colours (Colour Freedom Mystic Purple, Truly Blue and Green Emerald) – to give the shades a more muted tone. Follow the instructions in the box to achieve the effect you want.

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Randomised rainbow

Once all of your colours are mixed with the pasteliser, start painting small sections of hair, alternating the colours as you go. You don’t need to follow a strict pattern – just go with what you think looks great. Apply the colour, starting where the pink ends right down to the tips of your hair. Blend each colour into the pink, using your hands to massage the two shades together.

TOP TIP: Use a different brush for each colour to keep the tones defined.

Wait it out

The intensity of the colour depends on how long you leave it to develop. Check the instructions in the boxes, but to give you a guide, we waited 30 minutes. Once you’re satisfied, rinse the colour out thoroughly.

Dry and style

Take a blow-dryer to your barnet and, once dry, use tongs to style it with loose waves, which will give the different colours lots of movement and make the whole style pop. And that’s it – you’re ready to take on the festival scene like a pro!

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