Girl applying vitamin c face mask to help her get fresher looking skin

Although our Insta icons may look as if they wake up bright-eyed and bushy-tailed every day, they don’t. No one does. We’re only human, and boozy evenings and sleepless nights will happen every now and again, but there’s no reason to look like the walking dead when they do. Whether you’re meeting your mamma for brunch or doing a presentation at work, we all have times when we need to fake a fresh face – and it’s easily done in four simple steps.

Rehydrate skin

There’s a reason Berocca is packed with vitamin C – it’s the ultimate hangover cure for your insides but can also lend a helping hand on the outside. The Superdrug Vitamin C Orange Peel Jam Mask is the perfect skin fix in situs like this. Apply a thin layer, leave for 5-10 minutes and rinse off for instantly hydrated, brighter-looking skin.

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Deflate puffy eyes

You’ve woken up and your eyes look as if they’ve been tapping plastic with all those bags. You need a fix and fast! Lack of sleep can cause fluid to build up around the eyes, making them look puffy and tired. Beat this beauty buzzkill with a cooling eye mask, which will help reduce the swelling.

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Cover dark circles

Panda eyes are never a good look, but you’ll have dark under-eye circles if you’ve left your makeup on all night or scrubbed at it with a less than delicate hand at 3am. To fix this, apply a colour corrector before your base, to help neutralise any purple tones. Once you’ve corrected, use a concealer with good coverage, like the B. Flawless Concealer Duo in a shade that’s just a little bit lighter than your skin tone.

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Disguise dullness

Now you’ve given your skin some TLC, there are a couple of makeup hacks you can use to bring back your usual bright complexion. Steer clear of powder bases as these will make your face look flat. Instead, lift your features and give your face definition (as well as a whole lotta glow!) by mixing a little liquid highlighter into your foundation. We recommend the B. Cassie Lomas Sheer Liquid Illuminator Highlighter. A pump or two of this in your base and you’ll be radiant as anything – hangover, who?

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