Woken up to a spot so big your mates have named it? We’ve all been there. But if you’re thinking of flaking on that first date or binning off beers with the boys, man up – it’s nothing a little concealer can’t take care of. We’re here to show you how to hide all sorts of spots. Even those red, angry, wanna-stay-at-home-and-hide ones. Got your back, haven’t we?

Step one

First thing’s first, don’t squeeze – you’ll only make matters worse. Instead, moisturise clean skin with an anti-spot cream. L'Oreal Men Expert Pure Power Anti-Spot Moisturiser contains salicylic acid (God’s gift to spotty skin) to dry out whiteheads, as well as oil-regulating ingredients to keep any other red-and-angries at bay.

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Step two

Apply a little concealer to the back of your hand – Nip+Fab Makeup Concealer comes cleverly camouflaged in man-friendly black-and-white packaging, so your housemates probs won’t even know what it is – and apply it to your spot in fine layers, patting with a fingertip until blended. Don’t fancy carrying around concealer all day? If you use a little powder to lock it in place, you won’t have to. Spot, what spot?