salih and model showing off their glitter beards for pride

If you’re wondering where to slap on the sparkle for Pride this year, anywhere with hair is a good place to start! Glitter braids? Got ’em. Sparkly parting? So into it. Glitter beard? Yaaaaaas. And although you’ll probs regret packing on the shimmery stuff when, months later, you’re still finding it where the sun don’t shine, it’s totally worth it. Glitter beards are defs top of our list if you’re looking for impactful Pride makeup, so that’s why we’ve asked Salih from @salihsworld to show you how to nail the trend for your local celebrations.

Brush that beard

Beards come in all shapes and sizes, so work with what you’ve got and make the look your own. If your beard is longer, it’s a good idea to brush through the hairs with a comb so you work out any tangles. The glitter is messy enough – you don’t need knots as well!

Apply a base

This step is great if you have a shorter beard or even no beard at all! Apply a powder product (like blush or eyeshadow) that matches the glitter you’re gonna use. This will make the finished look really pop. If you don’t have a beard, use this step to carve one out and fool the masses *nudge nudge wink wink*. Salih went for pink glitter and chose B. Blusher in Cheeky as a base, which he applied with a Real Techniques Setting Brush to pack on the pigment.

Slap on the sticky stuff

If you want the glitter the stick around while you get your groove on in the dance tent, you need to use a good adhesive and we’ve got just the thing – Superdrug Fantasy Queen of Stars Glitter Glue. Apply it all over your beard where you’re gonna place the glitter.

TOP TIP: It might be easier to work on one half at a time, in case the glue dries too quickly, but if you’re a fast worker, just go for it all in one!

Get your glitter

Now it’s time for the good stuff. Choose whatever glitter you desire and use your fingers or a brush to press that sparkle onto the glue. Go fine or chunky, pink or blue… or just go crazy and mix it all together! It’s up to you…

P.S. The pink glitter Salih used is Revolution Glitter Bomb in Last Dance. It’s coming soon, so keep your eyes peeled for it in stores and Watch. This. Space.