Older woman with fuller looking brows against a pink background

When we get older, our brow shape can change… quite a bit. Mature skin loses its elasticity, which causes brows to look droopy, and the hairs become sparser over time. Both of which can mean your brows start to lack definition. But with a few simple tricks and a quick brow routine, you can get younger-looking brows in no time.

Measure up

Measuring your brows will help you get the right shape to complement your face. Using the natural shape of your brow as a guide (this technique will help you see where it should start, arch and end), mark the following points to give you the perfect finish.

Makeup artist holding up pencil to measure where eyebrow should start

Brow starts:

Hold your B. Eyebrow Groomer vertically at the side of your nose so it lines up with the inner corner of your eye.

Makeup artist holding up pencil to measure where eyebrow should arch

Brow arch: 

Keeping the base of your brush at the side of your nose, swivel it outwards slightly so that it lines up with the outer rim of your iris (the coloured part of the eye).

Makeup artist holding up pencil to measure where eyebrow should end

Brow ends: 

Finally, tilt the brush outwards even more so that it’s still touching the side of your nose but aligns with the outer corner of your eye.

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Pick the right product

You can find you’re using about five different products on your brows, so a brow palette can help make the process easier and cheaper. The B. Pro Contour Brow Kit comes with two shades of powder, a wax and a highlighter.

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1. Wax

makeup artist combing through older woman's eyebrows

Take some of the product on the angled brush of your brow groomer and sweep it through your brows. This provides a surface for the powder to stick to and helps you shape the natural hairs.

2. Powder

makeup artist filling in older woman's eyebrows

Dab your angled brush into the two powder shades to get the mix that suits your hair and skin colour. Press the brush on the side of your hand to remove any excess and flatten it, to ensure precise hair-like strokes. Apply to your brows in small strokes. This is where you can reintroduce the arch and fill in any sparse areas, using the measuring process as your guide.

3. Brush through

makeup artist brushing through older woman's eyebrows

Use the spoolie on the other end of your brow groomer to brush through your brows. This will soften the powder and blend it in with the hairs, giving you a natural-looking finish.

4. Highlight

makeup artist highlighting brow bone

Dust a little highlighter on the browbone just underneath your brow, to add definition and make your brows appear lifted.