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How to ask for the perfect mens haircut – Superdrug
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How to ask for the perfect mens haircut

Hands up who’s spent time (and money) grimacing in front of the mirror while your barber proudly shows you a men's haircut that puts you more in mind of an outgrown Brazilian wax than the cool Peaky Blinders-inspired Cillian Murphy ’do you wanted? Getting the right haircut can be tricky, so follow our dos and don’ts to ensure you always walk out happy.


DO speak the lingo

Hairdressers may use a lot of terms you’re not familiar with, so here are some of the most common…

Asymmetrical: a cut that is different on each side.

Fade: when hair gets gradually shorter and shorter until it’s cropped to your scalp.

Layers: a cutting technique that alters the thickness of your hair. It can be used to disguise thinning or to thin out unmanageably thick hair.

Undercut: the back and sides shaved to your head.

DON’T be embarrassed to show your hairdresser a picture of the haircut you want. Whether it’s that tousled Harry Styles look or Loyle Carner’s fade, get a shot of the new hairstyle that you have in mind on your phone, so you and your hairdresser are working from the same page.

DO be realistic – about both your hair type and how long you like to spend on your hair. They’re hairdressers not magicians, so Bradley Cooper’s thick, wavy, swept-back style won’t work if your hair is fine and dead straight, and a style that needs 10 minutes to get into shape probably isn’t for you if you’re a wash-and-go type.

DON’T just walk into the first hairdressers you see. Ask friends whose hair you think looks good for recommendations, or read online reviews.

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