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How to Fix Makeup Mistakes

fix makeup mistakes

In a hurry and just had a makeup mishap? Not to worry, we are here to explain how to fix makeup mistakes in a matter of seconds!

How to Fix These Common Makeup Mistakes

Makeup Mistake 1: My Foundation Is Too Dark

Here’s a familiar scenario: You’ve gone to your favourite beauty shop and were 100 per cent sure you loved the foundation shade in your shopping basket… Only to find you’re not that happy with it. Not to worry, it happened to all of us! All you need to do is mix the foundation with your moisturiser to lighten the shade. You can do it on your hand or in a small jar that you can keep for future use. Apply the mix to your face with a blending sponge for a natural finish or with a foundation brush for a matt one.

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Makeup Mistake 2: Oops, I Made My Brows Too Heavy

Getting your brows just right can be a bit of a balancing act. Sometimes we might have too much fun with a pencil or gel and end up with an over-defined brow. Does this mean we have to wash it all off and start again? Not always! A quick solution can be to apply makeup remover to your blending sponge and dab, dab, dab! This will lower the intensity of your brow and leave you with a beautiful natural finish.

Makeup Mistake 3: Help, My Eyeliner Is Wonky

Not all of us can do a cateye flick in minutes, and there’s nothing wrong with that. If you gave it a shot and your cateye flick looks more like a raccoon chic, don’t despair here’s how to fix this makeup mistake. Just grab a cotton bud and some makeup remover. Gently wipe the excess off your eyelid to recreate the perfect line. When it comes to getting that eyeliner right, practice makes perfect, but this doesn’t mean you can’t look fabulous even if this is not your strongest skill!

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Makeup Mistake 4: Too Much Blusher

Sometimes you may forget to tap the excess off your blusher brush and then suddenly… You’re all covered in blusher. This has happened even to the best makeup artists out there. There’s a simple solution, simply dust over loose powder concealing the excess blusher. Yay to rosy cheeks once more!

Makeup Mistake 5: Overdrawn Lip Liner

It’s one of the trickiest steps in a makeup routine, nothing can be worse than your lip liner going wrong the very last minute. Have no fear! Simply wipe the excess off with a cotton bud and continue lining. Once you’ve lined and filled your lips, you can follow your lip line with a foundation brush for extra precision. If you still aren’t 100 per cent happy with your line, take it off with a good makeup remover and start lining your lips again. Just like with a cat eye flick, the lipliner requires practice, practice, practice.

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