Still spraying on whatever your auntie gave you for Christmas or the old bottle your ex picked up in duty free? Sounds as if you need to find yourself a signature scent. But where to start? Take our personality quiz to find out…


Your dream holiday would be…

  1. An adventure trip with camping and hiking
  2. A summer road trip around Italy
  3. Skiing in a five-star resort
  4. A week of luxury in the Caribbean

Your favourite piece of clothing is…

  1. Your expensive fitness wear
  2. A crisp white T-shirt
  3. A designer leather jacket
  4. A sharp suit

Your celeb crush is…

  1. Jennifer Lawrence
  2. Kendall Jenner
  3. Meghan Markle
  4. Emily Ratajkowski

Your first-date fave is…

  1. A sporty activity you can do together: ice-skating in winter, tennis in summer
  2. A picnic in a romantic park
  3. A trip to a gallery or exhibition
  4. Wine-tasting at a luxury venue

Your fragrance is...

Mostly 1s

You are: fresh and green

As a sporty and fun type, you like crisp, clean scents that remind you of freshly cut grass and the open air.

Try: Gucci Guilty Black Eau de Toilette

Mostly 2s

You are: uplifting citrus

Classic citrus scents that leave you feeling cool, refreshed and energised are for you.

Try: Calvin Klein CK One Eau de Toilette

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Mostly 3s

You are: sophisticated and rich

Think rich leather and expensive oud for your stylish and powerful signature scent.

Try: BOSS The Scent Eau de Toilette

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Mostly 4s

You are: spicy and after dark

Scents that are sensual and a bit dangerous, with spicy pepper or dark wood, will suit your personality.

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