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Guy’s guide: how to fake tan your face – Superdrug
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Guy’s guide: how to fake tan your face

If you’re dreaming of Dubai, but the closest you’re going to get is a day out in Bournemouth with the boys, it might be time to reach for the fake tan. Why? Well, a bit of colour can stop you looking washed-out – and it’s great for hiding a hangover, too!

Step one

Exfoliate first to get rid of any flaky skin – you want the tan to go on evenly and not look patchy. Wash your face with Bulldog Oil Control Face Scrub, which prevents your skin getting greasy, taking the time to gently massage it in. Rinse well with warm water and pat dry.

Step two

Dab some Vaseline along your brows. This creates a buffer that will stop any tanning product getting clogged in them.

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Step three

‘Tan hands’ are a dead giveaway, so apply the fake stuff with a mitt. Squeeze a pea-sized amount onto the end of the mitt and smear it across your cheeks, chin and forehead. Then massage it thoroughly into the skin – and don’t forget to go down the neck.

Tip: Don’t nick your girlfriend’s tanning stuff: A) It’s rude. And B) if it’s one she uses on her body, it’s too heavy to use on your face and will give you spots. Use one that’s specifically for the face. Fake Bake The Face contains a special ingredient called Matrixyl, which won’t dry out your skin.

Step four

Leave the fake tan on overnight and wash your face the next morning to get rid of the excess. With a bit of luck you should look less like Peter Kay and more like Ronaldo (although we can’t work miracles, boys).

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