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How to: Dye Hair Lavender At Home – Superdrug
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How to: Dye Hair Lavender At Home


Violet or lavender hues can be an amazing way to add extra oomph to your blonde locks. Simply follow this super quick and easy tutorial on dyeing your hair violet at home using Pick & Mix, and get the hair shade of your dreams within just a few steps.


How to Get the Perfect Violet or Lavender Shade Using Pick & Mix?

Dyeing hair with Pick & Mix is not only easy, it’s also a lot of fun. Bring your unique colour to life by mixing different hues from the range with each other or with the Chalk Finish. This means you can achieve both vibrant, vivacious shades as well as subtle, pastel colours.

To get the lavender hair look, simply use the violet Pick & Mix colourant.


Quick note: You will get the closest colour match result if your hair is naturally light blonde or you have bleached it. Lavender or pastel violet shades will work best on platinum or ash blonde hair. Using semi-permanent dye on darker hair may result in a less intense colour or simply a subtle tint, which can also look fantastic if this is the style you are looking for. The best thing to do is a strand test to make sure you are happy with the outcome.

It’s also worth adding that you should always do a patch test to check if you are allergic to any of the ingredients within the dye.

Now that you have mixed the colours, it’s time to go for violet lavender hair!

Step 1: Prep Your Hair

Pop an old T-shirt or top on as the product may drip. Prep your locks by brushing through and getting rid of any tangles.


Step 2: Get a Towel or Cape

Go for an old towel or cape. Drape it across your shoulders and secure with a clip or pin. This will serve as an extra layer to protect your top and shoulders from dye drips.


Step 3: Dye the Roots First

Put on protective gloves – latex, rubber or vinyl will all work perfectly. Starting at the roots, use a brush to spread the dye mix though the hair lengths towards the ends. If you have long hair, it may be easier to work in sections.


Step 4: Spread the Dye

To make sure you’ve covered your hair in colourant evenly, spread the dye by massaging your locks with your fingers and hands. 


We don’t want any missed patches popping up!


Step 5: Wait and Wash Off

Wait for Pick & Mix to work its magic for around 30 minutes. Afterwards, wash your hair thoroughly and follow with a cold rinse. Blow dry your hair and style as normal.


Looking Good!

Enjoy your beautiful new lavender or pastel violet shade!

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