Eye makeup is a great way to express yourself. Whether you want to go strong or subtle, or to try a new trend, decorating your peepers is the way forward. But everyone’s eyes are different, so it’s not a one-look-fits-all sitch. That’s why we’ve decided to get specific and show you how to make looks work for certain eye shapes. This time we’re focusing on how to make the most of eyelids without defined creases – aka monolids – and let me assure you… these looks slay!

Wing it

Winged eyeliner looks lush on monolids. A simple cat’s eye is a subtle way to show some sass and make your eyes pop.

  1. Use Pro Longwear Gel Eye Liner and an angled brush for max precision.
  2. Line your upper lash line.
  3. Draw a faint line with your brush from the outer corner of your eye so you can gauge the shape before committing to anything too bold.
  4. Using that line as your guide, create the wing of your eyeliner, keeping the shape as smooth as possible.
  5. Finish by bringing your eyeliner to a point at the inner corner of your eye.


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Smoke and mirrors

For a smoky eye, we often put darker colours in the crease toward the outer corner to create more depth and lighter colours on the lid. So if you don’t have a defined crease, where’s best to put your shadow shade? The answer is spotlight eyeshadow (this is where the lighter colour sits in the centre of your eyelid sandwiched between the darker shade on the outer and inner corners).

  1. Line your waterline and tight line with Rimmel Exaggerate Waterproof Eye Definer in Noir.
  2. Take the same eyeliner and apply it to the inner and outer corners of your eye, leaving a space in the middle of your eyelid. Then smoke out the product with a fluffy brush.
  3. For your spotlight colour, use Bourjois Ombré Smoky Shadow & Liner in Grey and apply it to the space you left in the middle of your eyelid. Blend this into the black to create a seamless smoky finish.
  4. Use the black eyeshadow in MUA Professional 6 Shade Palette in Smokey Shadows to set anywhere you used the pencil. This will turn up the intensity of the colour and ensure it stays all day.
  5. Using the same palette, take the silver shadow and pack it onto the centre of your eyelid to set the pencil and dial up the shimmer status of this look... I mean, why not?


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Gloss over it

Trend alert! Glossy lids have been all over the runways recently, and if you have monolids, this is a trend you NEED to try. Not having a crease in your eyelids means the gloss looks flawlessly smooth, and it’s super-simple to achieve.

  1. Choose any colour eyeshadow you want – we went with a bright blue from the MUA Palette in Tropical Oceana for a pop of colour, but you’ve got the power here. Pack the pigment all over your eyelid and blend out any harsh lines.
  2. For that glossy finish we’ve all gone gaga for, use MUA Luxe Unique Lip Gloss on a makeup brush and apply the product everywhere you put your colour. Make it shine! 


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