If your spotty skin isn’t doing it for you in the attraction department, it’s time to mask up. And we don’t mean any dodgy 50 Shades-style antics – we’re talking about the clay stuff. Multi-masking once or twice a week not only stops you getting spots, but helps to make your skin look brighter and healthier.

Step one

Wash your face in warm water, then hold a warm (not scalding) face flannel over your skin for a few minutes. This will make your skin more absorbent, so the mask can really get in there.

Step two

Time to mask up, my friend. L’Oreal Pure Clay Multi-Masking Play Kit comes in three parts for each area of your face – and it’s easy to use...

Black: apply this on your cheeks. The charcoal detoxes and purifies, helping to get rid of any gunk.

Green: this goes across your forehead and helps to calm shiny skin.

Red: for your nose and chin. These areas are particularly spot-prone, so this mask will exfoliate any dead skin and help to prevent you getting blackheads the size of craters.

Leave on for 10 minutes.

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Step three

Rinse well and pat dry. Make sure you get rid of every last bit of the mask – you don’t want to head out with random bits of clay by your ears and around your hairline.

How’s your skin looking? Good? We’ll drink to that (make ours a G&T).