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How to multi-mask for men – Superdrug
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How to multi-mask for men

If your spotty skin isn’t doing it for you in the attraction department, it’s time to mask up. And we don’t mean any dodgy 50 Shades-style antics – we’re talking about the clay stuff. Multi-masking once or twice a week not only stops you getting spots, but helps to make your skin look brighter and healthier.

Step one

Wash your face in warm water, then hold a warm (not scalding) face flannel over your skin for a few minutes. This will make your skin more absorbent, so the mask can really get in there.

Step two

Time to mask up, my friend. L’Oreal Pure Clay Multi-Masking Play Kit comes in three parts for each area of your face – and it’s easy to use...

Black: apply this on your cheeks. The charcoal detoxes and purifies, helping to get rid of any gunk.

Green: this goes across your forehead and helps to calm shiny skin.

Red: for your nose and chin. These areas are particularly spot-prone, so this mask will exfoliate any dead skin and help to prevent you getting blackheads the size of craters.

Leave on for 10 minutes.

Step three

Rinse well and pat dry. Make sure you get rid of every last bit of the mask – you don’t want to head out with random bits of clay by your ears and around your hairline.

How’s your skin looking? Good? We’ll drink to that (make ours a G&T).

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