Are you struggling to find a hairstyle to wear to the dinner party that you’re invited to or that perfectly matches your outfit for the fancy soiree on the weekend? Most of us have loads of hairstyles that we can wear to casual events but it can be difficult if you’re going to something more formal – fear not!

In this tutorial we’ll show you how to create a French pleat so you can get your hair gorgeously glamorous in less than three minutes.

Follow the Steps Below:

French Pleat 1 - Brush and Pin Hair

Step 1: Brush and Clip Hair

Start by brushing through your hair to untangle and remove any knots. Once you’ve brushed through your hair take the top section (roughly 1/3) and twist it loosely around your finger and secure it in place with a hair clip.

French Pleat 2 - Twist

Step 2: Twist

With the top section of hair secured, grab the bottom section of hair and begin to twist it. Twist it fairly tightly and place it in an upwards positions with the tip of the hair near your crown.

French Pleat 3 - Secure With Hair Grips

Step 3: Secure With Hair Grips

Now the hair is placed in an upwards position secure it in place with hair grips, use two or three to make sure that the hair will stay in place.

French Pleat 4 - Divide the Top Section

Step 4: Divide the Top Section

Divide the top section of hair that was previously clipped into small sections, partition it length ways across your head from ear to ear.

French Pleat 5 - Backcomb

Step 5: Backcomb

Starting from the back begin to backcomb your hair, comb through the hair first so it’s untangled. Remember to only backcomb a few inches above the root in a downwards motion towards the root.

French Pleat 6 - Comb the Top Layer

Step 6: Comb the Top Layer

Once you’ve backcombed all the sections, comb the top layer of your hair to neaten and keep all the hair in place.

French Pleat 7 - Twist and Tuck

Step 7: Twist and Tuck

Gather all the hair of the top section and pull it to the back of your head. Next use your finger to twist the ends of the top section and then gently tuck them underneath the pleat.

French Pleat 8 - Secure the Top Section

Step 8: Secure the Top Section

Use hair grips to secure the top section of hair that is tucked under the pleat, use roughly two to three clips to make sure that the hair stays in place.

French Pleat 9 - Brush and Style

Step 9: Brush and Style

To make sure that the hair is in place, brush through from front to back. As you’ve combed through your hair your bouffant may now look a little flat, to give it back some volume use the end of your comb to gently tease the hair out.

French Pleat 10 - Set With Hairspray

Step 10: Set With Hairspray

Lastly, use hairspray to set your hair in place, apply a generous amount to make sure it lasts. If you’d like to make the look a little softer, pull out a few strands of hair from the front for a whimsical charm.

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