Don't you just hate it when you're having fun in the sun and your beach hair is more like a beach fro? Or how about when you're at a festival and your day 3 grease is giving you grief? We've got the 'do for you - double French braids.

Either rope in your bff who is a badass braider (there's always one!) or learn the steps yourself with our easy-to-follow video:

Step 1 - Detangle & part hair

Let’s start with hair prep. Brush through your hair to remove any tangles. Always remember to brush hair in the same direction that it’s going to be braided.

Next, create a centre parting along the crown of your head using a comb – this will create a neat partition to begin your braid.

Hair stylist creating a central parting in model's hair before braiding

Step 2 - Section off hair

Clip half of your hair to one side to get it out of your way. With the other side of the hair, section off hair at the front and split this down into a further three equal sections - this is what you will be braiding with.  

Hair stylist separating hair before creating double French braids

Step 3 - Begin the braid

Holding your hand in the perfect position is the difference between a pro braid and a basic one. So, hold two strands in one and the third in the other. With your hands now in the correct position start as you would with a normal braid by crossing the right strand over the centre and then the left into the centre – do this a few times to begin the braid.

Hairstylist starting French braid in model's hair

Step 4 - Bring more hair into the braid

To create the classic French braid pattern, you need to start bringing in new pieces of hair. Do this by grabbing hair from either side, before crossing it over to the centre. For a more intricate French braid, grab less hair from either side.

By the time you reach your neck you should have included all the hair into the braid. Now, continue a normal braid until you reach the last few strands and secure with a hair band.

Hairstylist creating French braid on model's hair

Step 5 - Repeat on the other side

Repeat steps 3-5, on the other side and take extra care to make the braids as symmetrical as possible. Finish with a spritz of hairspray to keep any wispy hairs in check.

Et voilà!