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How to do a Faux Fringe – Superdrug
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How to do a Faux Fringe

faux fringe

If you’ve ever had the urge to cut a fringe into your locks, but you haven’t quite felt ready to take the plunge then now you can fake it. Create a faux fringe in a matter of minutes without cutting your hair with our easy step-by-step tutorial.

What will I need to Create a Faux Fringe

  • Hair clips
  • Hairband
  • Hairspray
  • Curling Iron
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How to Create a Faux Fringe

Step 1: Tie your hair in a high ponytail

faux fringe

Brush your hair and then pull back into a ponytail. The longer your hair the lower the ponytail can fall but it must be able to cover your forehead when pulled over your head without covering your eyes.

Step 2: Split your ponytail into two

faux fringe

Depending on how thick you would like your fringe, split the ponytail into two, pinning the bottom half with clips to keep it out of the way.

Next, take the top half over your head and position on your forehead, depending on where you would like your fringe to sit.

Step 3: Pin your Fringe

faux fringe

Clip your faux fringe into place using strong clips on either side to secure it into place. If you have thicker hair then use more clips.

Step 4: Split and Tease

faux fringe

Split the second half of your hair into two and backcomb. This will add volume to your bun.

Step 5: Wrap the hair

faux fringe

Wrap one half of your teased hair around to form your bun. Pin this into place with a clip to secure. Repeat this step on the other side.

Step 6: Hairspray

faux fringe

Spray your bun into place with some hairspray. This will flatten any tearaway hairs and create a polished finish.

Step 7: Style the fringe

faux fringe

Curl the ends of your fringe to create volume. Ensure the curls are facing in the same direction for a more natural style.

Next, using your fingers sweep the fringe out of your eyes and style. Fix in place with hairspray to create the final faux fringe look.

Final Look

faux fringe
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