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How to: Dutch braid – Superdrug
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How to: Dutch braid


One of the most beautiful braided hair styles is the Dutch braid.  At a first glance, it may seem a tad intricate, but we're here to let you into a little secret - it’s not as difficult as you think! Just follow these easy steps:

What will I need to create a dutch braid?

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Step-by-step guide: Dutch braid

Step 1 - Detangle hair & create distinct sections 

In order to braid your hair easily it's vital you give it a brush through and detangle any knots. If your hair is a little on the frizzy side you might want to add a bit of serum too to make it more manageable to work with. 

Once you're happy with your starting point, section your hair into two so that you have a top layer and a bottom layer. Then within the top layer, separate this out again into three which will be the sections you will begin braiding with. 

How to do a Dutch braid

Step 2: Begin the braid by crossing the right strand under the middle strand

The main difference between a Dutch braid and a French braid is that you are braiding underneath rather than over. This is why a Dutch braid is sometimes called an inside-out braid or reverse braid. 

So to start your braid, take the right hair strand and cross it underneath the middle strand.

How to do a Dutch braid

Step 3: Cross the left strand under the middle strand

Now repeat the step but use the left strand and braid it under the middle strand. 

How to do a Dutch braid

Step 4: Keep braiding all the way down

Continue steps 2-3, pulling hair into the strands as you braid all the way down.

How to do a Dutch braid

Step 5: Secure with a hairband & hairspray

Once you've reached the end, secure it with a hairband and finish with a spritz of hairspray to keep all the tray hairs at bay.

How to do a Dutch braid

Double Dutch Braid

Perfect for festivals and need-to-wash-hair days alike, use the same steps to create a double Dutch braid (aka boxer braids) look.

All you need to do is part your hair into two sections (straight down the middle) and follow steps 1-5.   

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