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How To: DIY Nail Stencils – Superdrug
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How To: DIY Nail Stencils

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It’s time for some fun DIY. Try these fun chevron nail stencils that you can quickly make yourself and rock this super cute look in no time!

stencils diy

What Will I Need to Get Chevron Nails Using DIY Stencils?

  • Surgical tape
  • Silver or gold nail varnish
  • Blue or turquoise nail varnish
  • Top and base coats
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Steps to Achieve Chevron Nails Using DIY Stencils

stencils diy

Step 1: Go for silver or gold

After you’ve applied your base coat, apply one or two coats of silver or gold nail varnish on each nail.

stencils diy

Step 2: It’s time for DIY stencils - cut out chevron shapes

Once the metallic layer is completely dry, cut out chevrons shapes from surgical tape and apply two to three on every nail you'd like the design on.

stencils diy

Step 3: Go for turquoise

Now it’s time to apply turquoise on top of the DIY nail stencils. This will create the lovely chevron effect on your nails.

stencils diy

Step 4: Take the nail stencils off

Slowly peel of your DIY stencils, revealing the finished look.

stencils diy

Step 5: Finish with a top coat

To make sure your design stays on for as long as possible, don’t forget to finish with a see-through top coat.

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