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How to do a crown braid – Superdrug
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How to do a crown braid

simone powderly showing off a crown hair braid

It’s summer summer summer tiiiiime! And the last thing you want is hair all over your face. It’s hot and bothersome but can also hide your face and make you look less than fresh. Well, now the sun’s out, it’s time to get your hair off your cheeks with one of the season’s hottest hairstyles – a crown braid. You can do variations of this on any hair type, but because we know how hard curls can be in the heat, we asked influencer Simone Powderly to show us how she does it…

Section the front

Start by separating the front sections. Use the tail of a comb to section a piece (about a couple of inches wide) from your parting to the top of your ear on each side.

For girls with curls…

If you’re like Simone and have a full head of curls, give these sections a spritz of water, which will make hair easier to detangle and braid.

Double Dutch

We’re going to do a Dutch braid, which means that when you’re braiding, you need to cross the hair under the centre piece rather than over it. Take a small piece of hair from the top of one of the sections and split it into three, then begin braiding. Once you’ve crossed the hair over once or twice, begin picking up hair from the section and including it in the braid until you reach your ear. Plait the rest of the section right down to the ends. Repeat this process on the other side.

Sort the back

If you have curls, use a comb to pick at and lift your roots to get some volume back – the bigger, the better, right?! Once you’re happy, bring all of your hair back and place it in a hairband without twisting and tying your hair properly. You want to keep your hair big at the back, so you’re just using the hairband to keep it back and away from your face.

Slick to slay

You can leave your hair as is but if you wanna tidy it up, use some Cantu Shea Butter Hair Dressing Pomade to slick down your baby hairs.

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