trio of shots showing Eyal Booker caring for oily skin

If your face looks greasier than a full English from the local cafe you may have oily skin, so securing a solid skincare routine is crucial. Not only will your face look better, but it’ll feel better, too. A good cleansing routine will get rid of all the excess oils that build up on your skin and cause spots. So if you wanna look less like an oil slick and wave buh-bye to those bothersome blemishes, here’s how…

Wash your face

Use a product designed for oily skin, like Bull Dog Oil Control Face Wash, which contains witch hazel, a real MVP for cleansing oily skin. It helps remove dirt and excess oil from your pores, leaving your face fresh and clean. Massage the product into damp skin and rinse when you’re finished.


For an extra-deep cleanse, use an exfoliator like the B. Men Charcoal Face Scrub. The charcoal it contains will draw out impurities like a magnet, leaving your skin clearer and shine-free. Go over your whole face but focus on the areas that are prone to spots, such as your forehead, nose and chin… aka your T-zone.

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Now for the thing that’s really gonna get that greasy look under control. If you’ve got oily skin, some moisturisers can make the problems worse, so choose one that’s gonna give you what you need. We recommend L’Oreal Men Expert Pure & Matte Moisturising Anti-Shine Moisturising Gel. It soaks in quickly, so you don’t have to deal with that sticky feeling, and contains oil micro-captors, which help control shiny skin. Massage it into your face and neck for minimal shine AND 24-hour hydration.

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Targeted treatment

If you notice any spots appearing, use a blemish targeter and apply it where needed. Superdrug Tea Tree Spot Gel is naturally purifying and great for promoting healthier-looking skin. Dot it where you see any blemishes and it should sort you right out.

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