how to bleach hair at home

Have you decided to go blonde or blonder? If you are keen on using a blonding kit at home, simply follow this tutorial and get the blonde locks of your dreams.

how to bleach hair at home
how to bleach hair at home

Preparing the Blonding Mixture

Most kits come with:

  • A mixing tray
  • A brush
  • Protective gloves
  • Protective cap
  • Cream peroxide
  • Powder bleach
  • Strengthening toning conditioner

To prepare the bleaching mixture, empty the entire 35g powder bleach sachet and one 75ml bottle of cream peroxide into the tray. Using the brush provided, keep mixing until the consistency is creamy – this is a sign that the product is ready to be applied immediately.

how to bleach hair at home

Important to Know When You Bleach Hair:

  • Always do a strand test to find out if you are happy with the blonde tone your hair will develop into. This will also help you establish the time it will take for your hair colour to develop.
  • Are you prone to allergies? Perform a skin test a day before to make sure you are not allergic to any of the ingredients within the kit
  • Your colour result will depend on your natural colour as well as the condition of your hair and the time you will allow for the product to develop.
  • If you have really thick and long hair, it’s best to get two packs to make sure there’s enough for all of your locks.
  • Read the enclosed leaflet and find out everything you can about the development process. Depending on your natural hair colour, your hair may go through three development stages: red (orange), gold and yellow.
  • While the mixture is in your hair check at regular intervals to make sure you are happy with how the colour is developing. Test it on different hair strands.

It’s time to go blonde or blonder!

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Step 1: Brush Your Hair

Put an old tee or top on and brush your hair thoroughly. Make sure your locks are tangle free and smooth.

how to bleach hair at home

Step 2: Cover Your Shoulders with a Towel

Drape an old towel across your shoulders. This will serve as an extra layer to protect your top and skin in case the bleaching agent drips.

how to bleach hair at home

Step 3: Section Your Hair

To make the application easier, divide your hair into four sections. Prepare your mixture and start applying it immediately for maximum effect.

how to bleach hair at home

Step 4: If Your Roots Are Darker

Put the protective gloves provided on and start bleaching the roots using the parting as a guide. This technique is especially good if you bleached your hair before and your roots have grown.

how to bleach hair at home

Step 5: Apply Bleach Section By Section

For the mixture to be as effective as possible, you must apply it to all of your hair sections as quickly and thoroughly as you can.


Step 6: Massage the Product Into Your Hair

To spread the mixture across your hair as evenly as possible, massage each section of your hair.

how to bleach hair at home

Step 7: Wait, Check and Rinse

Check every few minutes to make sure you know the colour your hair is developing into. To do so, wipe the mixture off a strand of hair with a piece of damp cotton wool. If you are happy with the result, rinse the product off and follow up with shampooing and the conditioner included in the kit.

If you feel that your hair needs further time to develop, cover the strand with the mixture again. Do so regularly until the hair reaches your desired shade. Rinse the bleach off first, follow with shampoo and conditioner after. Feel free to wash your hair a few times to make sure all of the bleach is washed off.

how to bleach hair at home

Looking Fabulous!

Enjoy your fresh blonde (or blonder) locks!

how to bleach hair at home