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How to Apply False Lashes – Superdrug
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How to Apply False Lashes

Do you want long, lustrous lashes in a matter of minutes? Go for false eye lashes. The technique of how to apply false lashes is quick and easy, simply follow our step-by-step guide.


Step 1 - Apply Makeup First

Ensure your face makeup is applied before putting your false lashes on. Pick your preferred lashes ranging from dramatic to demure, natural-looking lashes.

First, curl your natural eyelashes and apply a coat of mascara. This layer will help the false lashes to set when applied as well as add volume. 




Step 2 - Size Up Your Lashes

Peel the lashes away from the packaging starting from the outer corner using tweezers. Measure the lash against the size of your eye and cut to your preferred length with scissors.

The lashes should start a few millimetres away from the corner of your eye and should not go beyond the end of your eye.






Step 3 - Prevent the False Lash Pop

False lashes have a tendency to sometimes flick outwards at the corners. By wrapping the lashes around a makeup brush or any cylindrical object, you'll ensure that the curve of the lashes stays intact to create a more voluminous look. This also makes the lashes less stiff and easy to adjust when applying. 





Step 4 - Apply the Adhesive

Now that you have the perfect length and shape of your false lashes, it's time to start applying the adhesive. Using the applicator brush, dot the glue along the strip of the lashes.

Wait 30 seconds before transferring onto your eyes as the glue needs to be tacky, not wet. Go ahead and put more glue on if you are wearing the lashes for a long period of time for extra strength. 





Step 5 - Apply the Lashes

You can use your hands or your tweezers for this step. Holding the corner of the lash, gently place the lashes just above your natural lashes but as closely to the lashline as possible. Don't apply directly onto your lashes as this increases the risk of your natural lashes being ripped off when removing the falsies. Press the false lashes down and hold in place for 20-30 seconds.




Step 6 - Add the Finishing Touches

With eye liner, fill in the area from where the lashes start near the corner of your eye and continue to apply along your lash line, filling in any gaps as you go along.

You can also add eye liner to the end of your eye, creating a cat flick to elongate your lashes. Finally, apply another layer of mascara for extra volume. Repeat on the other eye and you are ready to go!

Taking your false eye lashes off is quick and easy. Read our guide on removing false lashes to find out all the steps.

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