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How To: Heatless Wavy Hair – Superdrug
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How To: Heatless Wavy Hair

Woman with wavy hair

It’s no secret that heat can seriously damage our luscious locks. But curling tongs or heated rollers are essential for achieving that effortless wavy look, right? Think again. Wonderful waves can be yours in a few simple steps with a handful of budget-friendly essentials – and not a hint of heat! Trust us; it’s a game changer…

What Will I Need To Create This Look?

  • Styling mousse
  • Bendy rollers
  • Hairspray
  • Hair brush
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Heatless Curls Step-by-Step

Step 1 - Apply mousse

Start off by applying some hydrating mousse to the ends of your hair. Place a small amount in the palm of your hand and run evenly through your locks for long-lasting, perfectly-defined waves. For extra definition, apply to damp or towel dried hair.

Woman rubbing mousse in hand

Step 2  - Roll into sections

It’s time to grab your bendy rollers and begin! Take a section of hair and wrap it around your roller, working from the ends to the roots and rolling under. Make sure it’s wrapped neatly and tightly, and then bend the ends of the roller together to secure in place. Repeat until all of your hair is secured in rollers.

Top tip: Wrap bigger sections for looser, larger curls.

Woman rolling a bendy roller in hair to create wavy hair

Step 3 – Secure with hairspray

For extra hold and shine, finish with a spritz of hair spray. The longer you leave your rollers in, the more defined your curls will be. Leave them in for a few hours before a night out, or wear overnight for maximum staying power.

Woman spraying hairspray onto bendy rollers in hair

Step 4 – Remove rollers and brush through

Now for the big finish. Carefully unravel your rollers to reveal wonderfully-defined waves – all achieved without any heat. For a more natural finish, comb through gently with a hair brush and you’re good to go!

Woman taking bendy rollers out of hair
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