Black Pointy Witch Nail tutorial to complete the halloween look

One of the most popular nail looks for Halloween - and for the braver ones throughout the year - are black pointy or stiletto nails. But how do you achieve this popular look? Follow these quick and easy steps to get black pointy nails in no time.

Black Pointy Witch Nail tutorial to complete the halloween look

Step 1 – Prep Your Nails

If you have short nails, you can still rock the pointy black nail look this Halloween. All you need to do is get fake nails. Luckily, these already come in the desired shape.

At this stage, simply trim and file your nails and add a base coat. You may want to consider a nail strengthening base coat or a lightly coloured one.

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If you are blessed with long and healthy nails, you can buff and shape them to achieve the pointy look. A quick warning – shaping your own nails to appear pointy will make them more prone to break as the nail surface is narrower.

Black Pointy Witch Nails

Step 2 – Adding Glue

Add glue to the back of the fake nail. Do it one at a time to prevent the glue drying too early, doing so will ensure the fake nails stay on for as long as possible. Another tip is to make sure you add just a tiny bit of glue to avoid it dripping out from the sides.

Black Pointy Witch Nails

Step 3 – Put the Fake Nail on

After you've added the glue, put the fake nail on your real nail as tightly as possible. Make sure there are no gaps between your real nail and the fake one and that it is positioned perfectly.

The glue dries very quickly, so it’s important to get this part right first time, otherwise you’ll need to start again. A useful tip is to start with the hand you use the most, depending on whether you are right or left handed.

Black Pointy Witch Nails

Step 4 – Apply the Black Nail Varnish

There is a variety of black nail lacquers out there. You can choose from high shine, shimmer, gel or matte.  Going for a matte finish will modernise this popular look.

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Black Pointy Witch Nails

Step 5 – Adding the Top Coat

To make this look last for as long as possible, always add a top coat. It will strengthen the nail varnish and help prevent it from chipping.

Black Pointy Witch Nails

The Finished Look

As soon as the top coat dries, you are ready to go. Enjoy the black pointy witch nails look this Halloween!

Black Pointy Witch Nail tutorial to complete the halloween look


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