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How To: Halloween Galaxy Makeup – Superdrug
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How To: Halloween Galaxy Makeup

Halloween Galaxy Makeup

Want a look that’s out of this world for Halloween? Swap your usual warts-and-all witch for star-sprinkled galaxy makeup. Destined to make you shine bright among your peers of vampires, werewolves and superheroes, it’s sure to dress up any costume in a matter of minutes.  

What Do I Need to Create the Galaxy Makeup Look?

Step 1 – Apply foundation

Galaxy Makeup 1

Take your trusty blending sponge and foundation and apply to your whole face. Use a dabbing technique to create an even base.  

Step 2 – Dab on blue face paint

Galaxy Makeup 2

Coat your blending sponge (one you won’t mind washing thoroughly after creating the look!) in blue face paint and dab the bold colour along the outer edges of your face.

Once you’re happy with the positioning of the dark blue colour, take a lighter blue and dab this along the inner edge, graduating inwards.

Step 3 – Apply glitter all over face

Galaxy Makeup 3

Instead of setting your look with a barely-there powder, take a shimmery glitter and apply all over. This will add an eye-catching glow at every angle.

Top Tip: If loose glitter powder is too messy for your liking (or too dramatic) use a highlighter instead.

Step 4 – Draw on stars

Galaxy Makeup 4

Once the blue face paint and powder has completely set, take a thin brush (a lip brush will work well for this) and dip into white face paint. Draw on stars in varying sizes all over the blue backdrop, scattering them across the cheeks, forehead and towards the chin.

Step 5 – Apply clear brow gel

Galaxy Makeup 5

Keep your brows set in place by applying a clear brow gel, brushing the hairs into the desired shape.

Step 6 – Add coats of mascara

Galaxy Makeup 6

To make your eyes pop, apply a couple of coats of mascara to lashes.

Get the most from your mascara wand with our top tips for short lashes.

Step 7 – Apply purple lipstick or gloss

Galaxy Makeup 7

As this look is far from subtle, we’re opting for a purple lip colour that will contrast dramatically against the galaxy makeup look. 

Step 8 – Spray on glitter

Galaxy Makeup 8

Finish with a generous application of glitter hairspray to complete the star-studded look.

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