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How to: Halloween Butterfly Makeup – Superdrug
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How to: Halloween Butterfly Makeup

Halloween Butterfly Makeup with glitter tattoos

Trick or treat? If you answered treat, then this Halloween take on a role that’s less spine-chillingly spooky and more sparkly superstar. A look that will get your lashes flutter-ready and catch the gleam of camera flash beautifully, our Halloween butterfly makeup tutorial awaits...

Will I Need to Create this Halloween Butterfly Makeup Look?

Step 1 – Apply yellow & orange eyeshadow

Halloween Butterfly makeup 1

Start by applying your usual primer, foundation and concealer base. Next, we’re going to start bold on the eyes with a yellow eyeshadow. Sweep across the lids, up to the crease. Then swap the yellow for an orange eyeshadow and apply in the crease, blending with the brush as you apply.    

Step 2 – Coat lashes in mascara & add falsies

Halloween Butterfly makeup 2

Take your trusty mascara and work through your top and bottom lashes. Next, coat false lashes with glue and focusing on one eye at a time, position and secure in place. You can use tweezers to help guide the lash, for added ease!

Step 3 – Use clear high-shine lip gloss

Halloween Butterfly makeup 3

There will be many eye-catching elements to this look, so we’re going to go more subtle on the lips and use a clear high-shine gloss.

Step 4 – Apply pink blusher to cheeks

Halloween Butterfly makeup 4

To complement the bright tropical shades used on the eyes, take a pink blusher and apply to the apples of the cheeks using a fan brush.

Step 5 – Transfer butterflies to face

Halloween Butterfly makeup 5

Cut around each individual butterfly transfer and remove the glossy peel. With one hand hold the butterfly in the position you want it to transfer on to the face and in the other hand take a wet makeup sponge.

When you’re happy with the positioning, press the transfer against your face and gently dab the wet sponge over the tattoo. Remove the backing and your pretty butterfly should be in full flight on your face. Continue the process with as many transfers as you like, focusing along one side of the face.   

Step 6 – Insert butterfly false lashes

Halloween Butterfly makeup 6

To give your lashes a flutter-ready finish, we’ve cut out two segments from a pair of butterfly-adorned falsies. Secure each one to the outer corner of the eye.

Step 7 – Finish with a sprinkling of glitter

Halloween Butterfly makeup 7

To complete your pretty-as-a-picture look, take glitter dust and dab in between your butterfly transfers and the corners of the eyes.

Hello, beaut!  

Halloween Butterfly makeup 8
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