Green eyeshadow feature

Looking for a makeup look to make those wannabee MUA’s green with envy? Score side eye points with this emerald eyeshadow look that’s so picture-perfect it would be a crime not to take a selfie!

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Step 1 & 2 – Prime & prep

Green eyeshadow step 1

As this is a look that brings the drama, we want it to last all day and all night. The only way to ensure maximum hold is to start with an even application of primer. Next line up a piece of tape underneath your lower lash line on both eyes.  

Step 3 – Apply eyeliner across eyelids

Green eyeshadow step 2

Take an emerald green eyeliner and apply across your entire eyelid until you get a bold block finish. Draw a winged shape to the outer corners of the eye.

Step 4 – Amp it up with green eyeshadow

Green eyeshadow step 3

Layer green glitter eyeshadow over your base shape. As you’re working with loose powder dabbing this on bit-by-bit is the best way to build up the effect.

Step 5 – Add shading 

Green eyeshadow step 4

This step is what sets apart the novices from the pros – shading. Coat a fluffy eyeshadow brush (that’s perfect for blending) and artfully work it into the outer corners of the eyes.

Step 6 – Define with liquid eyeliner

Green eyeshadow step 5

Draw along the upper lash line with black liquid eyeliner. Don’t forget to extend the line to run at the edge of your flick.

Step 7 – Remove the tape and excess

Green eyeshadow step 6

Carefully peel back the tape to reveal your super straight line. If any excess eyeshadow is still visible dust away with a fan brush.

Step 8 & 9 – Add definition

Green eyeshadow step 8

Draw along the waterline with green eyeliner to really make your eyes pop. Next finish with a little dusting of highlighter under the brow arches and inner corners of the eyes.

Step 10, 11 & 12 – Finishing touches

Green eyeshadow step 9

Apply highlighter under the eyes to get rid of any dark circles and to neaten up your eye makeup. Coat lashes in mascara and add some falsies into the mix if you want to take the look to the next level.