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How to: Festival-ready Glitter Nails – Superdrug
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How to: Festival-ready Glitter Nails

Glitter nails

Flower crown? Check. Floaty maxi dress? Check. Anti-bacterial wipes? Check. While you’re busy prepping for that upcoming festival, we bet there’s a teeny, tiny detail that could use a little makeover – your claws! Get your talons prepped for the party weekend of the year with this daisy-adorned glitter nails look:

Glitter nails

What will I need to Achieve Daisy Glitter Nails?

  • Pastel nail polish
  • Thin nail brush polish
  • Glitter
  • Fan brush
  • Clear nail polish
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Step 1 – Apply pastel nail polish

Glitter Nails Step 1

Opt for a candy-coloured polish - think sorbet shades and luscious lilacs – for the base colour. Apply two coats for a bold, streak-free finish.  

Step 2 – Draw a semi-circle at the base

Glitter Nails Step 2

Using a thin brush nail polish, draw a semi-circle at the base of the nail. Don’t worry if it’s not perfect at this is the glitter can help mask a shaky hand!

Step 3 – Draw lines and thicken to achieve a petal finish

Glitter Nails Step 3

To create the look of a daisy, draw lines from the semi-circle – these will form the petals. Go over the lines until they are more curved in shape. If you prefer to keep to a white outline (sans glitter!) then why don't you check out our boho nails tutorial, here.

Step 4 – Coat the semi-circle with clear polish

Glitter Nails Step 4

Once the white lines have dried, coat the centre of the semi-circle with a clear polish. This will act as a glue.

Step 5 – Scatter glitter

Glitter Nails Step 5

While the clear polish is still wet and glossy, scatter glitter until the entire semi-circle is completely covered. Using a fan brush, clear away leftover sparkle - and admire!

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