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How to: Glitter Makeup Looks

Glitter Makeup Looks feature

‘Tis the season to sparkle, right? So give your beauty bag the bling treatment with a sprinkling of dazzling powders, glitter eyeliners and shimmering eyeshadows. Taking you from a festive-inspired smokey look to a bold blue number in the blink of an eye, check out our favourite glitter makeup looks…  

Smokey Glitter Cat Eye

Want to jazz up your favourite dress in time for the office Christmas party? Put down your glue gun and sack full of sequins and instead create this striking smokey eye look.

What Will I Need to Create this Smokey Glitter Cat Eye Look?

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Step 1 – Prep & prime

Smokey glitter makeup 1

As we want this look to last all night long, our first step is to prime the eyelids. This will ensure maximum hold!

Step 2 – Apply grey in the corners

Smokey glitter makeup 2

Take a smokey eyeshadow palette and coat your eyeshadow brush in a light grey. Apply in the inner and outer corners of your eye, leaving a gap in the centre (this is where the glitter will go). Apply underneath the lower lash line too, building up even coverage on both eyelids.

Step 3 – Add definition

Smokey glitter makeup 3

Repeat step two, but use a darker grey or black eyeshadow. Blend out the colours to achieve a smokey eye effect.

Step 4 – Glam up with glitter

Smokey glitter makeup 4

Clean your eyeshadow brush or take a new one and dampen with water – this gives loose pigment added pow! Coat in a glittery eyeshadow and fill in the central gaps across your eyelid and lower lash line.

Brush away any loose glitter by using a fan brush.

Step 5 & 6 – Fix on some falsies

Smokey glitter makeup 5

To bring your statement look together, add some false lashes into the mix. Coat the lash line in glue and use tweezers to position perfectly into place. Use mascara on your bottom lashes.

Step 7 – Last sprinkle of glitter

Smokey glitter makeup 7

Brush a glitter eyeliner through your lashes for a scattered sparkle finish.

Pink Glitter Cat Eye

Take your pretty pink eyeshadow to glamorous territory with this beautiful blush-tone look.

What Will I Need to Create this Pink Glitter Cat Eye look?

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Step 1 & 2 – Prep your eyelids

Pink glitter makeup 1

Using concealer or primer, dab and blend across eyelids – this will give your look added longevity. Then apply a nude-coloured eyeshadow to create the perfect starting point.

Step 3 – Apply pink to the creases

Pink glitter makeup 2

Take a matte pink eyeshadow and sweep it across the eyelid creases. Build up the colour bit-by-bit, blending as you go along.

Step 4 – Pop of pink

Pink glitter makeup 3

Coat your brush in a bold bubblegum pink eyeshadow and dab over the eyelids, underneath your cut crease colour. Once you’re happy with the vibrancy of the colour, use your brush to blend the two hues together.

Step 5 – Time for glitter

Pink glitter makeup 4

Dampen your brush with a spritz of water or makeup setting spray and dip into loose glitter eyeshadow. Dab across your eyelids until you have a disco-ball finish. Don’t worry about any glitter spillage, simply use a fan brush to wipe away.

Step 6 & 7 – Add definition

Pink glitter makeup 5

Take a darker pink/purple eyeshadow and blend into the cut crease once again to add a more intense colour change. Draw along your upper lash line in black liquid eyeliner and finish with a fluck for a feline touch.

Step 8 & 9 – Finishing touches

Pink glitter makeup 6

To complete your striking look finish with lashings of mascara and a mist of makeup setting spray.

Blue Glitter Cat Eye

The combination of the punchy colour and glitter effect makes this cat eye look one to watch.

What Will I Need to Create this Blue Glitter Wing look?

  • Eyelid primer
  • Tape
  • Angled eyeshadow brush
  • Blue eyeshadow
  • Fan brush
  • Silver glitter eyeshadow
  • Dark blue eyeshadow
  • Black kohl eyeliner
  • Mascara
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Step 1 & 2 – Begin with primer

Blue glitter makeup 1

Prep your eyelids with a touch of primer, this will help maintain your bold eye look for longer. Apply a neutral eyeshadow to act as a base.

 Step 3 – Line up the tape

Blue glitter makeup 2

As we want to create a super straight cat eye flick, we’re using a little tape as a guide. Line it up with your lower lash line so it’s at the perfect angle.

Step 4 – Create your blue line

Blue glitter makeup 3

Dampen an angled brush and coat in blue eyeshadow. Then carefully draw along your upper lash line. Use the tape as a guide as this will help create a fierce flick! Go over the blue lines with silver glitter to add a dazzling touch.

Step 5 – Add contrast

Blue glitter makeup 5

Take a darker blue or grey eyeshadow and blend the colour along your lower lash line. This will add contrast to your bold blue cat eye, to make the look really pop!

Step 6 – Remove the tape

Blue glitter makeup 6

Gently peel back the tape to reveal your super straight cat eye flick. And dust away any loose glitter with a fan brush.

Step 7 & 8 – Finishing touches

Blue glitter makeup 7

To complete your look, draw along your waterline with black eyeliner and wave your magic mascara wand.

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