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Get the Halloween Pumpkin Nails Look – Superdrug
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Get the Halloween Pumpkin Nails Look

pumpkin nails final look

If you’re keen on cute rather than scary Halloween nails, here’s a quick tutorial for Halloween pumpkin nails. Follow the steps below to achieve this easy yet adorable look.

Halloween Pumpkin Nails 7

Step 1 – Prep Your Nails

To make sure your nail art and varnish last for as long as possible, it’s important to prep your nails. Move your cuticle back, file and buff your nails. Once all of them are prepped, apply a transparent or lightly coloured base coat.

Halloween Pumpkin Nails 1
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Step 2 – Apply the Nail Varnish

Our main background colour for this look is white. You can also go for other light colours such as off-white, beige or tan to achieve a similar look. Apply two coats, making sure that the nail varnish dries in between.

Halloween Pumpkin Nails 2

Step 3 – Add the Orange

Paint semicircles near the tip of each nail. Go for a striking pumpkin-orange colour – hint, hint.

Halloween Pumpkin Nails 3

Step 4 – Add the Pumpkin Curve

It’s time to add dimension to your pumpkin. After the orange nail varnish has dried, using a thin brush draw three curved lines with the white nail varnish on top of the orange semicircles.

Halloween Pumpkin Nails 4

Step 5 – Draw the Stem

Using a thin brush, paint the pumpkin stem in the form of an upside down triangle. The best colour to do this in is green, but you can also use a dark brown shade if you don’t have a green nail polish handy.

Halloween Pumpkin Nails 5

Step 6 – Top Coat

Once the nail varnish is dry, apply the top coat. This will prevent your nail varnish from chipping too soon.

Halloween Pumpkin Nails 7
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We hope you enjoy this cute pumpkin nails look. Happy Halloween!

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