If you’re keen on adding a terrifying touch to your Halloween look, blood dripping nails may be a great way to spook up your costume or outfit.

The great news is that this look is super simple to achieve, plus the final outcome leaves a lasting impression. Follow these steps to get the blood drip nails look you’ve always wanted for Halloween.

Step 1 – Prep Your Nails

If you want your Halloween manicure to stay for as long as possible, prepping is key. Trim, file and buff your nail and add a base coat. You can go for any base coat you like, either transparent or a lightly coloured one.

Halloween spider web nails 4

Step 2 – Add the Main Colour

Choose the main colour for your nail. Go for light, natural or nude shades which will make the trickling red blood really stand out. Apply two coats making sure you wait for the nail varnish to dry in between coats.

halloween blood drip nails 1

Step 3 – Blood Dripping Nails

Using either a thin brush or just a toothpick, draw lines of varying lengths from the cuticle towards the tip of your nail. Don’t worry if it’s not symmetrical or perfectly straight, you want it to look as realistic as possible so natural movement is a plus.

Step 4 – Add the Droplets

With either a dropper tool or a toothpick add little droplets to the ends of the lines. Feel free to use a bit more product than you normally would. This will make the blood drips look more saturated and realistic.

halloween blood drip nails 2

Step 5 – More Blood

To finish the nail art, simply add red nail paint around the cuticle. This will add an authentic and spooky touch to this rather scary look.

halloween blood drip nails 2

Step 6 – Top Coat

To make sure your nail art stays on for as long as possible, add a transparent top coat.

halloween blood drip nails 2

We hope you enjoy this quick and easy Halloween nails tutorial.

Happy Halloween!