Flat lay of products including black nose and ear hair trimmer, black electric toothbrush, red gair trimmer, yellow and black beard trimmer and black hairdryer

If you want your bathroom to be more bat cave than Stone Age, it’s time for you to upgrade your gadget game. But with tonnes of tools to choose from, how’s a guy to know what to go for? So here’s our roundup of the top five gadgets that will change your life – or at least make it easier…

hairdryer, razor, toothbrush, hair trimmer and nose and ear hair trimmer moving in and out of frame

Philips OneBlade

If you’re after something that can trim, shave and shape any length of hair, this little guy is gonna be your new best mate. With this gadget, you’re guaranteed a shave that’s faster (with a cutter that moves 200 times per second – jeez!) and safer, thanks to a dual-protection system. So say hello to the most comfortable shave you’re ever gonna get. It also includes three stubble combs that’ll help you trim your scruff down to the millimetre – 1mm, 3mm or 5mm, to be precise. And with the contour-follow feature, you’ll be able to reach all areas of your face and neck so easily. If you’re all about the edge, you can straighten up your style in seconds with the dual-sided blade, which allows you to shave in both directions and see every hair you’re cutting.

Philips Philips Oneblade QP2520/25 with 3 Stubble Combs £39.99 Buy Now

Oral B Genius 9000 Electric Toothbrush

We’re not exaggerating when we say this is one techy toothbrush. If you’re like the rest of us, zoning out when the dentist tries to teach you the proper way to brush, this dental doohickey will do 99% of the work for you. With a brush head that’s specially designed to surround each tooth, you’ll get a super-thorough clean and be able to kiss goodbye to plaque. The best bit? You can hook up the toothbrush to your phone, using an app that gives your personalised brushing feedback. Yes, we’re serious. You’ll know when you’re brushing too hard or even when you’ve missed a spot, with the help of innovative position-detection technology. Welcome to bionic brushing.

Superdrug Men's Nose Hair Trimmers

Yes, sorting out nose and ear hair is a headache, but it’s necessary. If nothing else, it’ll make your mum proud, so don’t skip it. This trimmer is an affordable option and will make the task a whole lot easier. Trim nose and ears with ease and precision, thanks to a handy viewing light that helps you see what you’re doing. This is a gadget no guy should be without.

BaByliss For Men Super Crew Cut

You can’t go wrong with a classic crew cut, and this hairstyler will make sure you won’t screw it up (pun very much intended). Its rotary blades mean that it can be used in any direction all over your head, and the cordless design allows for free and easy movement. But what really sets it apart from the rest is the quality of the blades. They’re made from Japanese hardened stainless steel to ensure a super-sharp cutting angle, so you’re in for some seriously smooth and effortless cutting. With grades 1 to 4 to choose from and a separate battery-powered trimmer (great for shaping up your style around your ears and neckline), you can easily achieve that custom cut you’re after without a trip to the barber’s.

Remington Powerdry 2000W Hair Dryer D3010

If you’re tired of using your sister’s bright pink hairdryer on the sly, invest in this hair hero, which will help you get out the door in a dash. You’ll be able to blow-dry your barnet quickly, using one of the three heat settings and two speed settings, while the specially designed grille will ensure your hair dries evenly without static – just what we’re after. And if you’re conscious of the environment, you’ll be pleased to know this gadget comes with an eco-setting that’ll help you save energy while you dry, which gives it serious bonus points in our book.

Remington Remington Powerdry 2000W Hair Dryer D3010 £13.99 Buy Now