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Find out how to wash and style curly hair – Superdrug
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Find out how to wash and style curly hair

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If your curly hair looks more like a heap of havoc than a bouncy bundle of goodness, chances are you need to update your hair-washing routine. For girls with curls, this is an important part of haircare. It’s the time to pack your hair with moisture and shine, but it’s also really easy to dehydrate your curls if you’re doing the wrong things. That’s why we asked curly queen Simone Powderly to share some top tips with her wash ’n’ go routine that’ll leave you with curls to die for!

1. Pick the right product

And by that we mean shampoo! Curly hair needs silicone-free products with low or no sulfates. Split your hair into four sections and spend time working the product through each one. When you’ve given your mane a good ol’ massage, rinse thoroughly.

2. Go mad for moisture

Curly hair is dry by default, so you need to use a good conditioner and lots of it. Section your hair once again and work the product from root to tip, massaging it in thoroughly. Then take advantage of the super-smooth texture and use your fingers to detangle your curls before rinsing off the product.

3. Time for your styler

While your hair is still damp, section it and apply a styling product to the lengths and ends. Most of the best curl definers are quite thick, so if your curls are looser, mix a splash of water in with the product to thin it out.

4. Hair ’n’ air

It’s tempting at this stage to go in with a hairdryer and blow your curls all over the place. This manic movement will cause curly hair to lose its definition, and the heat will dry it out. It’s all about locking in moisture, so leave the air to do its work and wait for your hair to dry about 70% on its own.

5. Use a diffuser

Blow-drying does have its benefits, but you gotta do it right. Use a diffuser to minimise the curls’ movement. For super-luscious volume, tilt your head and gather sections of your hair in the diffuser attachment and push the dryer towards your scalp. Hold the hairdryer there until the section is completely dry.

TOP TIP: Use the cool setting on your hairdryer to avoid dehydrating your hair.

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